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National Sun Yat-sen University

When National Sun Yat-sen University decided to internationalize and increase their overseas enrollment, they conducted a bidding process for a five hundred thousand word Chinese-to-English translation of their school regulations.


Both Liitrans Translation’s initial bid and negotiated final bid were higher than the initial bids of the other two translation agencies. The university’s selection of Liitrans in spite of our higher fee was due to the quality of our tender and demo translations.


After winning the bid, the project manager from the Office of International Affairs stated that Liitrans Translation was selected due to the excellent quality of its sample translation. In written communication after the conclusion of the project, she also mentioned that Sun Yat-sen University was highly satisfied with the quality of the translation and service provided by Liitrans Translation.


Shortly thereafter, Sun Yat-sen University conducted a second bid for the Chinese-to-English translation of the school’s internal website. Liitrans again came out the winner due to the positive response to its previous collaboration and the quality of its sample translation. Liitran’s successful bids for these two projects are a reflection of Sun Yat-sen University’s recognition of our efforts. Information on both projects is publicly available. The English version of the school regulations can be viewed in the relevant sections of Sun Yat-sen University’s department websites. An example of the translated content can be found by clicking on the following link: actual translation hyperlink.