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Taiwan’s Center for Creativity and Design

Design magazine has been in circulation for over thirty five years now, making it the longest-running Taiwanese design magazine. Since June 2014 (Issue 177), the magazine has been published bilingually in Chinese and English, with Liitrans supplying the English translations.


Design is a bi-monthly publication edited and issued by the Taiwan Design Center. It showcases all aspects of design and explores branding, creativity, arts, and lifestyle, a broad range of topics with a wealth of information. The bilingual edition, whose English half amounts to some thirty thousand words per issue, allows English-speaking subscribers to enjoy its high-quality content. Design is published bi-monthly and issued on the fifth of each even-numbered month. It has a circulation of close to seventy thousand, and is sold in Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, the Asia Pacific region, Europe, and the Americas.


Magazine articles require writing that flows and has reader appeal. A design publication in particular demands a professional-level understanding of art history and theory and the latest design trends, all of which need to be reliably communicated. 


Liitrans fast-tracks last minute article revisions so that the magazine can be published on schedule. Our flexible fast-track capabilities mean that we are able to meet the demanding administrative and operational needs of the Taiwan office of a major corporation.